Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book?

Get in touch with us at asimplewishgeelong@gmail.com – let us know your date, approx number of people, picnic package you would like to book (or just date and items/backdrop you are looking to book) and approx location and we will get back in touch to let you know if we have availability. If we do, you will receive a quote based on what you are after and once you pay the deposit your date is all locked in!

When will I hear back?

We are a small family owned business working day jobs throughout the week – so although we aim to respond within 48 hours, sometimes our replies can take up to 2-5 business days. We always aim to get back to you as soon as we can. If you haven’t heard back within a week, please re send your enquiry direct to our email asimplewishgeelong@gmail.com – sometimes our website form will hide our enquiries in our junk email or not come through at all.

Do we need a permit for a public space?

If you want to hold your picnic in a public space, it is the clients responsibility to conduct the process for sorting a permit for the chosen location. All spaces have different requirements.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule my booking?

We are flexible and can work with you to reschedule, however we require four weeks notice to reschedule free of charge. If you need to fully cancel your event, in order to receive a full refund, we require four weeks notice for cancellations. If the event if cancelled with less than four weeks notice but more than three weeks notice, we can provide a full refund minus the deposit. If the event is cancelled with less than three weeks notice, we are only able to provide a credit for the amount paid. If you think you need to cancel or reschedule, please talk to us at your earliest convenience. In most cases we have turned away bookings to be able to service your event, especially over our peak busy seasons – so if we receive a late cancellation we are unable to fill this spot and as a result lose business.

What happens if I contract COVID /need to isolate/lockdown or restrictions are put in place and I cannot hold my event?

In the case of lockdowns/restrictions being put in place as a result of the current pandemic and/or if you need to isolate due to covid and/or you contract covid and cannot go ahead with your scheduled date, we can provide rescheduling outside of our cancelation period stated above. We can offer a free postponement of your event to another date, subject to availability. The deposit amount paid will be held in credit and can be put towards your postponed date.

What’s included in the picnic packages and how much does it cost?

Please check out our picnic packages page for all info on our packages, package inclusions and the price of our packages.

What happens if it rains on the day and my event is outdoors? 

We are unable to refund bookings on the basis of bad weather so please check the forecast in advance and always discuss a possible back up location with us prior to the day, as other bookings will have been turned away in order to service your event. We can reschedule if needed due to bad weather but we require 24 hours notice to do so. Given our Geelong weather we always recommend having an indoor/undercover back up option to be able to fall back on incase of bad weather. We are also unable to set up with our items on muddy or wet ground. A decision about relocating must be made no less than 24hrs in advance. Please note that if the distance to the new location is significantly further from our base than the original location, additional travel fees may be incurred. We will always work with you to try and accommodate last minute location changes to a more suitable sheltered or indoor location.

Do we need to wash the plates, glassware and cutlery before pickup?

Yes, as per our terms we require plates, glasses and cutlery to be washed and dried before we pickup. If you think this isn’t possible (e.g. due to location etc), we can provide a quote for this when booking. If this isn’t arranged prior to packup and the items are not cleaned prior to pickup, we will have to charge a cleaning fee out of the bond provided. We do not require napkins to be washed – but these must be placed in a supermarket bag that we will provide. For our DIY packages we require plates, cutlery and glassware to be washed, dried and placed back in the packaging they were picked up in. 

Do we need to clear our food and personal items from the table prior to pickup?

Yes. We require all food, drink and personal items to be removed from table and plates/glasses to cleaned and dried prior to packup. We are unable to dispose of any rubbish that has been added by the client – this includes balloons, additional decor and other items provided by the client. We are only able to remove and pack up our items and it is the clients responsibility to dispose of additional items left after the event. If the items are not cleaned prior to pickup, a cleaning fee will be deducted from the bond payment. If you are unable to arrange for the items to be cleaned prior to pickup, please let us know and we can factor this in and charge a cleaning fee in our original invoice.

Do we need to arrange a finish time for our event?

Yes, upon booking with us we require a start and finish time for your event. We sometimes cater for multiple events in a day, so we need to arrange both a starting and finish time so we are able to organise our set up and pack up timing for all events. If you are running late to your event, we are unable to leave our items unattended in a public location – in some circumstances we may have to charge a waiting fee from the bond if a client does not turn up on the time arranged. We also need to pack up on our agreed upon time when we arrive and are unable to be packing up around guests. If your event runs over time – that is ok – but please help move your guests to a different area and away from the picnic setting so we are able to pack up efficiently. If we are unable to gain proper access to packup on our agreed upon time, a waiting fee may also be charged from the bond. We will let you know our exact delivery time frame the week of your event.

Do I need to ask the venue if I am able to have a picnic set up in their space?

Yes, please get in touch and ask before booking. We are happy to work with any space but we do need the venue’s OK prior to us setting up.

How far in advance do I need to book?

We can be flexible with last minute bookings if our availability permits, however please note that over our busy season (specifically November-March), our calendar can fill up months in advance, so if you have your heart set on our services please book early!

Do I need to pay a bond?

Yes, we require a bond for our picnic packages and all hire items to ensure our items are looked after and treated with respect. We understand accidents can sometimes happen at events, but we also need to protect our items and ensure they are kept in best condition. 

As a client you are responsible for our items whilst they are in your care and they also must not be left unattended in a public space. Depending on availability, if you are finished early please get in touch and we can try our best to accomodate an early pickup. 

The bond will be returned to you within 3-5 business days after you event, once we have packed up your picnic, backdrop or received the hire items back and confirmed that all items are still in their original/undamaged condition.

Can we choose where the picnic is set up or can you help us find a location?

Our picnic packages can be set up anywhere that we are able to access (and locations we are able to safely carry our items to and from the carpark). We can set up at your house, in your backyard, at a venue that allows picnic set ups or in a public location such as a park. We can definitely help with suggestions on where to set up and have plenty of recommendations of our favourite places to set up.

Do you have a set time-slot for your picnic packages or hire items?

This depends on availability. On our busy weekends we may require our picnic packages be restricted to a 5 hour time slot. However we are flexible and negotiate timing terms with you upon booking, but this needs to be arranged in advance with us. 

Do you provide food?

No, we are a hire item service only. But we can recommend grazing caterers and other various caterers if you are in need of suggestions.

Do you charge a delivery fee?

We have free delivery for our picnic packages and backdrops within 15km of our HQ in North Geelong and a small fee per km for delivery outside this range. Our hire/prop/DIY items are to be picked up by the client from our HQ in North Geelong. Delivery of these items (hire/prop/DIY) can be organised for a fee depending on location.

Do you hire out DIY picnic packages so we can set it up ourselves?

We sure do! We can hire out everything we include in our picnic packages at a lower price (as the DIY packages are set up by you and picked up and dropped back by you to our HQ in North Geelong). Some clients love the flexibility of this as they are able to work to their event budget and also use their own creative flair to add their own touch to the styling! Feel free to get in touch for further info and pricing.

Can you host picnics for groups larger than 20 people?

Yes, we definitely can. We can cater for up to 50 people and larger events may also possible with enough notice. Please get in touch with the number of people you would like a picnic for and we can send back a quote based on the numbers.

Can the picnic styling decor and colour be changed to suit my theme?

Yes, we love working with you and whatever style/theme you have in mind! We can make whatever theme you have in mind work based on the items and colours we currently have in our inventory (which is a fairly wide assortment). Have a look through our instagram and if anything stands out, let us know.

How long does it take to set up a picnic?

This depends on the size of your booking and the distance from there we are able to park our car to your picnic location. If the location has easy access, we like to leave around an hour for set up time (if you have booked a DIY package this may take you longer than our allocated time). If the location is a further distance from the car and we have to carry the items on foot – this could take longer. If you require a set up a significant distance from the parking area – we may quote a distance fee. We can discuss this throughout booking.

Can we buy a gift voucher?

You sure can! They are the perfect gift for a loved one to celebrate with – especially if you are further away and cannot celebrate with them the way you would like. Send us an email at asimplewishgeelong@gmail.com

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